Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Drew's schedule for spring quarter

Drew's tentative schedule (he is wait listed on two classes) for the spring quarter of his freshman year at the University of California at Irvine includes:

Writing 39B--Critical Reading and Rhetoric: Guided practice in the writing of expository prose. Readings selected from current fiction and nonfiction; writing topics require analysis of the readings and demonstration of rhetorical principles.

Bio Sci 9G--Way Your Body Works: An introduction to the basic mechanisms that control the organ systems of the human body, including the nervous, cardiovascular, immune, and reproductive systems. Emphasis is on how the body works normally, but includes how these processes fail in disease.

Drama 10--Introduction to Production Theory: An introduction to modern production techniques as practiced in realizing scenic designs. Equipment, theories, techniques, and history of production practices in the technical theatre; class instruction integrated with practical applications.

Drama 30C--Acting: Characterization, scenes and auditioning. Development of character in at least three rehearsed scenes from different plays. Script analysis and performance technique. Preparation of audition pieces. The profession of acting. Prerequisites: Drama 30A-B.

Drama 40C--Development of Drama: Contemporary Drama. Post Naturalistic theatre: Expressionism, Epic Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, and Contemporary American Theatre. Among the playwrights studied are Stein, Shaw, Pirandello, Ionesco, Beckett, Williams, Brecht, Weiss, Albee, Churchill, and Duras. Same as English and Comparative Literature CL 40A, B, C.

Drama 101--Theatre Production: The production courses are offered to give students the opportunity to participate in departmental productions. Students engage in the production and construction of designed work as well as its applied execution during performance. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Drama 165--Music Theatre Workshop II: A workshop in audition technique and song interpretation. Admission by audition only. May be taken for credit six times.

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