Friday, March 05, 2004

El Retiro San Inigo 2004

Seven of the last eight years, Sharon has spent the first weekend in March at El Retiro San Inigo, the Jesuit Retreat House of Los Altos. She has attended a silent retreat for members of the legal profession. The only year that she missed was the March after Jack was born. Over the years, Sharon has recruited a number of people to go with her, including Andrea and Janie. This year, everyone else was busy and she ended up going by herself.

On her way to the retreat, Sharon planned to stop at Filoli, a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The 654-acre Filoli estate contains a historic house and sixteen acres of formal garden.

I spent the day in San Francisco at CPMC. We organized a meeting with the human resources and payroll representatives from a number of hospitals to reviews the capabilities of the Lawson ERP system. Sutter has spent the last five and a half years implementing the basic ERP system for almost 100 companies. At this point, the organization is probably only using 15% of the capabilities of the system. We are working on developing some strategies to take advantage of some of the more advanced capabilities of the system.

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