Wednesday, December 01, 2004

ITIL Foundations Day Three

I spent the first half of the day in the last day of the ITIL Foundation for Service Management Class. The class concluded with an hour test given by a separate proctor.

It is a somewhat odd test. There are a number of questions that ask you which answer is the most correct. Additionally, you have to pay close attention to qualifiers like always and maybe. To complicate things even further, the methodology and the exams were originally designed in England. As a result, there are some odd words and phrases.

I did three practice tests last night and never felt good about any of them. Nevertheless, I got a passing score on each of the practice tests, missing only about half of the maximum number of questions that you could miss and still pass the certification exam.

I think I passed the exam, but there were enough curve balls on the exam (things that were not really explicitly in the class) that I left the test with a certain amount of uneasiness.

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