Friday, December 31, 2004

State of Fear

I finished reading Crichton's State of Fear. I am not really sure what to think of the book. It is part thriller and part political statement. The book questions the science behind global warming and includes a number of charts in the text and footnotes to scientific research.

As a thriller, I feel like too many things happen to the protagonist in too short period of time for the story to be believable. Much like Dan Brown's Deception Point, there are just too many outlandish plot twists.

As a political statement, it was more interesting. My emphasis in college was statistics; I got interested in computers using them to build econometric models. It is my experience that you can use statistics to argue almost any side of an issue. Along these lines, the following statement by Crichton in the author's message rings true to me:

"We know astonishingly little about every aspect of the environment, from its past history, to its present state, to how ot conserve and protect it. In every debate, all sides overstate the extent of the existing knowledge and its degree of uncertainity."

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