Friday, February 11, 2005

2005 AT&T PRO-AM

We have been very lucky over the last couple of years with weather at Pebble Beach. We were not so lucky this year. It drizzled off and on all morning while Sharon and I went out for runs and then during breakfast. I was hoping that it would clear off in the afternoon.

We headed to Pebble Beach, walked around for a while and then caught a bus to the Poppy Hills Golf Course. We tend to gravitate towards the course where the bigger name celebrities and players are. We ended up camping on the eighth green and watching the groups hit up and putt out. From a player perspective, we got to see both Vijay Singh and Phil Michelson play. The celebrities we saw play included Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Belichick, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Sinise, Andy Garcia, George Lopez, Kevin Costner, Carson Daly and Kenny G.

Donald Trump spent his time between the eighth green and the ninth tee on a cell phone. When he got off the phone, he announced so the world could hear that he had been talking to Tom Brady, the Patriot's quarterback. The whole scene was very weird; it was like Trump was trying to impress the crowd...

Rush Limbaugh got lost in the trees along the eighth fairway and ended up picking up his ball and not finishing the hole.

Kevin Costner starting signing autographs on his way to the ninth tee which sent Sharon scrambling for something for him to sign. Unfortunately, she ended up missing out. We did not get as lucky as last year when Jack got a ball from Phil Michelson.

Unfortunately, it never really stopped drizzling so it ended up being a cold and wet day.

At the end of the day, we headed towards Mark and Jeanie Hood's house in Pacific Grove. We spent the evening having a few drinks, getting take-out Mexican food from Peppers Mexicali Cafe and visting, while the kids had a great time playing.

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