Friday, February 04, 2005

2005 Kings versus Knicks

With Wallen planning to be in town and the Kings playing at home tonight, I started several weeks ago to work on seeing how many tickets I could get. I ended up getting a block of ten tickets to one of the suites.

We saw the Kings play the Knicks and had a great time. The group included: Tomasin, Bachman, Chabrier, Snipes, Connor, Wallen, Larkin, David Tomasin, Cole (a friend of David's) and myself.

The game had a great finish. The Kings scored seven points in the last 48 seconds to win 116 to 115.

One of my favorite vignettes from the evening occurred with about two or three minutes to go in the basketball game. With the Kings down by double digits, a lot of people started to get up and leave the game. One of the main aisles from the lower level runs right by the suite. As people are getting up and leaving, Ricky is screaming at them as only he can after a couple shots of tequila: "Where are you going, the game is not over!" And it wasn't!

After the game, we ended up at The Blue Gecko shooting pool.

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