Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Broker

Over the last twelve years, I have read eighteen novels by John Grisham. While I enjoyed his latest book, The Broker, it was not as good as The Last Juror, but definitely a lot better than The Summons or The King of Torts.

Grisham acknowledges in the Author's Note that he knows very "little about spies, electronic surveillance, satellite phones, smartphones, bugs, wires, mikes and the people who use them." As an espionage novel, there are some parts of the books that do not feel very true to me.

I also wish that Grishma would vary from wrapping everything up in a neat bow with a happy ending in his books more often. A more complex ending with a twist would be nice; something like the ending in The Partner.

Most of the book is set in Bologna, Italy. Sharon and I have actually been briefly to Bologna; we almost got stranded there.

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