Thursday, February 17, 2005

King's Potpourri

With the Sacramento Kings not represented in the All-Star for the first time in ten years, the players commit themselves to taking it out on their opponents, particularly Phoenix (three players in the All-Star Game) and Seattle (two players in the All-Star Game). They proceed to lose 6 of the next 7 games demonstrating that the coaches were probably justified in leaving the Kings players off the All-Star roster.

On the dismal pre-All Star game road trip, the Kings won 1 and lost 2. Weber was a combined 20 for 63 over the three games (31.7%), including 7 for 23 at Boston, 7 for 21 at Chicago and 6 for 20 at New Jersey. During this stretch, I have come to realize that sitting in front of the television and screaming "Stop Shooting" does not have any impact...

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