Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Using Technology

When we came back Saturday afternoon for Sharon to work on a loan closing, it turned out she was still missing some information from the title company. Some additional PDFs were e-mailed to her on Monday, but several more were promised from the title company on Tuesday that she needed to complete the package. With Sharon traveling starting Monday night and a deadline looming to close the loan, we were facing some problems.

She used a cool combination of technology to deal with the situation.

More thaan a year and a half ago, we brought her a Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 that uses the AT&T wireless network. With this cellular card, she can essentially pick up her e-mail and browse the internet at better than dial-up speeds sitting almost anywhere in the world. Taking a break from working with one client, she picked up her e-mail on Tuesday morning using the cellular card and PDFs of the documents that she needed had been e-mailed to her.

Monday night before she left, I installed some software that allowed her to print from her applications directly to a Fedex Kinkos office. She opened the PDFs in Acrobat and sent a print job over the internet to the nearest Kinkos. A couple of hours later she showed up at the Kinkos and the documents were ready. She collated them into her loan package that she had taken with her and then gave then gave everything to Kinkos to have sent out via Fedex.

very cool!

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