Friday, September 22, 2006

Unfold on

Drew sent out the following e-mail:
I have the great pleasure to announce that the new cd, UNFOLD, is for sale online now at

for the link to unfold go to

there are samples of UNFOLD on the cdbaby site as well as at

cdbaby has been going in and out of stock of the cds - which provides a little bit of an inconvience - but there is a form on the page to leave your name and email, and cdbaby will send a message your way when it comes back in stock. so my thought is - if i can get as many people to sign up on this waiting list for UNFOLD - they will see the importance of getting more cds. so what are you waiting for?! go put your name down... :)

cdbaby has many different payment options and a very, very realible company (wont sell your info to companies and dont keep records of your credit card number). they are an independent distribution company that works to help independent artists sell their music online. they will also be sending the cd to digital download companies - such as itunes, napster, rhapsody and musicnet. the songs will be available for digital download soon.

the new cd has 11 tracks which feature:

Andrew Heringer : Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Rhodes Electric Piano, Mandolin, Dobro

Eric Frank : Percussion, Vocals, Guitar

Kellen Garcia : Electric and Upright Bass

Matt Lemaire : Drums

Jason Galbraith: Tenor Sax, Flute

Max Haymer : Piano, Organ

Daniel Byers : Trumpet, Flugel Horn

thanks again for your patience with getting this album out into your hands - as well as your continued support. it means more than i could tell ya.

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