Saturday, September 23, 2006

2006 Soccer Season Game 3

Jack played in his third game of the 2006 soccer season. He played fullback in the first quarter, goalie in the third quarter and midfielder in the fourth quarter.

After letting the other team score the first goal, Jack's team went on to score 7 unanswered goals and win 7 to 1. Five different kids scored. When he played goalie in the third quarter, Jack never touched the ball or had it get near him.

Jack had one shot in the fourth quarter that he shanked. He had two assists and a third pass to the smallest kid on the team right in the front of the goal who pushed the shot just wide. Jack played well, but was upset that he did not score.

One of the other parents noted towards the end of the game that Jack's team has great team speed. The team has eight kids who have good speed. At times, it seems everyone of these eight kids is quicker than the fastest kid on the other team. It makes it very difficult for the other teams to get anything going offensively.

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