Monday, September 18, 2006

My Great Grandfather

Joseph Heringer, (My Great Grandfather) was the 2nd of five children born to John and Geertje in Holland. He was born in 1861. Joseph was 7 years old when he sailed for America with his parents.

He helped his dad on the Merritt Island dairy as a young boy and then as a teen on their new ranch in East Sacramento.

Joseph married Martha, who had just emigrated from Holland in 1882, and farmed in East Sacramento until returning to Clarksburg in 1901. He rented farm ground on Merritt Island until 1906 when he bought a farm in the Lisbon district just north of Clarksburg. There he farmed hay, grain, and some row crops until his death in 1912.

The name was Americanized from Heringa to Heringer in the late 1800's.

John Heringa (My Great, Great Grandfather)

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