Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 PAL Flag Football SEAs versus Holy Rosary

After playing baseball on Sunday morning, we headed to Jesuit High School in the afternoon. The SEAs Eagles played their second game of the 2010 PAL Flag Football season against Holy Rosary.

On offense, Jack was the first team tight-end. This was a change from last week when he played wide receiver. Jack had only one pass thrown in his direction. On a crossing pattern, a pass was thrown behind him. Jack got a hand on it, but could not collect it; it would have been a fairly spectacular catch. At this point, he is probably the fourth option on offense. He is a little frustrated that he has not been able to get more touches.

On defense, Jack was the first team linebacker.

SEAs rolled to a 24 to 0 half-time lead. As a result, Jack only played a little in the third quarter and hardly at all in the fourth quarter as the coaches played the second and third strings. SEAs won the game by the score of 44 to 8.

The SEAs Eagles record for the season is 1 win and 0 losses. Last week's game against St. Ignatius was marked as a practice game on the schedule and does not count in the standings. SEAs will face St. Ignatius again in the last week of the regular season.

After getting kicked around by St. Ignatius last week, the Eagles looked much more impressive this week. Admittedly, Holy Rosary seemed like a very small team. Nevertheless, Jack's team seems like it is figuring out how to use the offensive weapons that it has. It is going to be interesting to see the competition the next three weeks. They will be facing St. James and two Merryhill schools. The top two teams in a six team division make the play-offs.

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