Thursday, September 09, 2010

ESPN 30 for 30 - One Night in Vegas

I watched One Night in Vegas. This is the twentieth installment of ESPN's 30 for 30 film series.

The documentary examines the relationship between rapper Tupac Shakur and boxer Mike Tyson and the events of September 7, 1996. It very briefly explores their lives and careers. Both men serviced time in prison for sexual assault. The night that Tyson beat Bruce Seldon for the WBA title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Tupac was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip. Tyson was planning to met Tupac at a nightclub after the fight.

The film uses elements of a graphic novel to move the story along. It opens and closes with a spoken word sequence.

Watching the first five minutes of the film on Tuesday night, I thought that I was going to hate it. When I started watching it again from the beginning on Wednesday, I found the story somewhat interesting. I had no idea who the rapper Tupac was and do not have recollection of the September 7, 1996 events that serve as the central part of the story. Consequently, the story was at least new to me. From my uneducated perspective, the documentary seems like a very superficial treatment of Tupac, Tyson and the events of September 7.

While probably not my least favorite of the 30 for 30 films so far, it is pretty near the bottom. My least favorite so far has been Straight Outta LA with Run Ricky Run as a close second.

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