Sunday, September 26, 2010

Train Wreck [Outlaws versus Combat Scrimmage]

The 12U Outlaws played the 11U Combat in a scrimmage at Morse Park on Sunday afternoon. Combat is a new team made up of a number of players from the old Laguna Bullets team plus some players from Woodland. It was painful mess to watch.

At the plate, Jack was 0 for 3 with three strike-outs and a walk. He seemed completely out of sync.

In the field, Jack played two innings at third base and two innings at first base. Oddly, he only handled the ball once. Jack had a put-out at first on a throw from shortstop.

The Outlaws lost the scrimmage by the score of 12 to 8. They had a bushel of errors. Although I was not keeping score, the Outlaws had at least five errors. It is possible the actual number of errors was six or seven.

After the game, the Outlaws coach gathered up the players and parents. He said that he was very disappointed in the boys' focus and attitude. He said that he was dissolving the roster. The Outlaws were scheduled to play at Mather this coming weekend. The coach said that he was not interested in playing against a number of good teams with this roster and was going to withdraw from the tournament. He also indicated that the team was not good enough to go to Cooperstown next summer and that he was rethinking whether or not he was committed to going. The coach said that he would be holding a try-out for a new roster on Sunday, October 9.

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