Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 Sacramento Mountain Lions versus Florida Tuskers

With the Mountain Lions Mascot

When Jesuit visited Jack's school last week, they gave the boys two tickets to the Sacramento Mountain Lions game. Jack and I ended up going to the game on Saturday night versus the Florida Tuskers. We sat with the coach for Jack's flag football team and his son. Jack was very excited and had a great time.

Duante Culpepper is the quarterback for the Mountain Lions. He played ten years in the NFL, primarily for the Minnesota Vikings. Culpepper was 26 for 42 with 342 yards and 3 touchdowns on Saturday night. With 31 seconds remaining, Cukpepper threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to win the game by the score of 24 to 20.

Sacramento Mountain Lions versus Florida Tuskers

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