Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Outlaws Baseball Tournament #9 Day #2

Back at Hal Bartholomew Park for the elimination games on Sunday, the Outlaws played the Demons Baseball Club. It was a cold, windy and cloudy morning.

At the plate batting fifth, Jack was 1 for 1 with a double, a run scored, two RBIs and two walks. In the bottom of the first, Jack came to bat with two outs and Jeremy on third and Josh on second. He ran the count to 3 and 2 and then crushed a pitch into left field. Initially, I thought that the left fielder had a bead on the ball. Unfortunately for the fielder, the ball was hit very hard and the wind was blowing from right to left. The ball dropped for a double and Jeremy and Josh scored. Jack went to third on a wild pitch, but ended the inning there when Jordan grounded out to second.

Jack walked on five pitches in his second plate appearance. He went to second on an error on Jordan's grounder to the right side and to third on Greysen's walk. With two outs, Jullian ran the count to 3 and 2. With everyone running, Jullian hit a chopper to the right side of the infield. The pitcher got to the ball, but kicked it. When the pitcher finally did find the handle, he threw it over the first baseman's head. Jack scored easily. With Greysen running on the pitch, he scored all the way from first. With Breyton on second running for Jordan, Greysen rounded third right behind Breyton.

In his third at-bat, Jack walked on five pitches. He stole second and went to third on a passed ball. With the time limit exceeded, the game ended with Jack on third.

In the field, Jack played three innings at third and one inning at first. He handled the ball only once. In the top of the fourth, Jack made a great dig on a throw from Josh at shortstop for the put-out. When I saw the ball skip about six or seven feet in front of him, I was sure that it was going to eat him up, but he handled it cleanly...

The Outlaws won the game by the score of 9 to 2 and advanced to the semi-final game against Showcase. The Outlaws had beaten Showcase by the score of 5 to 2 two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, it started to rain pretty hard just before the scheduled start of the game. With the Outlaws as visitors, they got up in the top of the first. The infields at Bartholomew are dirt and were quickly becoming a sloppy mess. The game and the tournament were cancelled after the half inning. I think that this is the first time in three years of playing fall tournament baseball that a game has actually been rained out. While we played in some heavy rain at Manteca in 2008, I don't remember a rain being cancelled.

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