Wednesday, October 06, 2010

California Historical Landmark #181

I stopped at this waymark on my way back from having brunch with Morgan in the Carmel Valley.

Fremont Peak
California State Historical Landmark #181

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This landmark is located in Abbey Park on the southeast corner of Fourth and Muckelem Streets, San Juan Bautista, California. There are 4 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Benito County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 36° 50.685 W 121° 32.375.

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California Historical Landmark #181

In March 1846, Jose Castro, Mexican Military Commander, ordered John C. Fremont from the country. On March 6, 1846, with Kit Carson and 60 men, Fremont moved to the top of Gabilan (Gavilan) Peak (Fremont Peak), built entrenchments, unfurled his colors and for four days awaited the attack of a force of Californians. The battle did not materialize by the night of March 9. Frémont broke camp and departed for Oregon. Bear Flag Incident and Mexican War followed.

California Historical Landmark #181

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