Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 PAL Flag Football SEAs versus Sacramento Country Day

The SEAs Eagles played their seventh game of the 2010 PAL Flag Football season against Sacramento Country Day at Jesuit High School. This was the first round of the single elimination playoffs.

On offense, Jack was the starting wide receiver. He had a number of balls thrown in his direction in this game. In the first half on a fly pattern, the quarterback threw one up for grabs in Jack's direction. Jack went up between two taller players and only got a hand on the ball as it was knocked away. Also in the first half, he had a pass thrown to him on a crossing pattern that was high; Jack got a hand on it, but could not control it. Late in the second half with the Eagles driving, they ran a half back option to Joe. Joe threw the ball to Jack on a crossing pattern in the end zone. The throw was low and Jack lost control of the ball when he hit the ground. Two plays later, the quarterback threw to Jack on a corner route. The defensive back was called for pass inference. Jack was very frustrated with himself; he felt that he should have caught three of the four passes.

On defense, Jack played linebacker. Sacramento Country Day kept trying to run sweeps and Jack made several nice "tackles" on the corner.

The Eagles had a rough first half. Their quarterback was 0 for 8 with two interceptions. Sacramento Country Day scored on a long pass when the receiver got behind the defensive back. Sacramento Country Day led by the score of 6 to 0 at the end of the first half.

The Eagles settled down in the second half and scored two touchdowns to go ahead by the score of 14 to 6. Sacramento Country Day scored late in the fourth quarter on another long pass where the receiver got behind the defensive back. They failed on the two point conversion making the score 14 to 12.

The Eagles put together a long drive to the one yard line to chew up the remaining clock and seal the victory.

The Eagles advance to the semi-final game on Sunday. They will play St. John Evangelist (SJE). SJE played the game before SEAs. They have a number of tall receivers that are going to present a real challenge for SEAs defensive backs.

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