Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Drew is spending three weeks in Omaha appearing in and working on the soundtrack for an independent film called Upbutton. He has the following post on his Tumblr account.

Hello to 2011

I am currently in Omaha, Nebraska working on an independent film called Upbutton which captures the story of 5 people trapped in a freight elevator on the night of Robert Kennedy’s assassination - June 5th, 1968. I am playing the role of Harv Morgan, a musician left mute by an incident during his time as a soldier in the Vietnam War, and also writing music for the film.

2010 taught me that art is about building a world. Building a world that is familiar yet magical; so relatable that you can’t help but become emotional. When successful, this world holds your entire attention and as it winds and twists and turns you follow every step of the way. I’ve become passionately dedicated to making this kind of art - in music, theater and film - and I believe it will always ignite the flame at the core of my life journey.

We started filming this last week in an abandoned building here in Omaha. If anyone ever asks you to come with them to Omaha, Nebraska in the dead of winter - bring a large coat.

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