Saturday, July 09, 2011

2011 Washington D.C. Day 9

After sleeping fairly late, we got up and started to pack up the room. We had a two bedroom unit with a kitchen and had a lot of stuff spread everywhere. Checking out and leaving our luggage with the hotel, we jumped on the Metro and headed to Arlington Cemetery.

Wallen and I had wandered through Arlington Cemetery on foot in 2005. Sharon did not want to walk so we got tickets for the tourmobile. The first stop was the JFK gravesite and eternal flame. Robert and Teddy's graves are nearby. Getting back on the bus, we went to the tomb of the unknown soldier. We wandered around this area more while we waited for the changing of the guard. Back on the bus again, we stopped at the Arlington House; this was Robert E. Lee's home. This spot has some great views of Washington D.C.

After finishing up at Arlington, we took the Metro back to the hotel. We had a late lunch at the Cafe Soleil.

Walking back to the hotel, we picked up our luggage and got a car to the airport. As we were checking in, they were announcing Mass at the chapel. After going through security, we headed to the international terminal and attended Mass.

The flight to Sacramento left about 10 minutes late. Unfortunately, the seats behind us had a woman and two 14 month old twin boys who were crazed for most of the five hour flight. Sharon was not pleased. Grabbing our luggage, we were home before 11:00 p.m.

It was a great trip!

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  1. I stumbled on your blog when I was searching for a picture of Robert E. Lee. I started reading. It was very interesting to hear of the experiences of someone who comes here on vacation. It shows me that we, who live close to DC, take much for granted. I have lived within 50 miles of DC for most of my life and have not done some of the stuff that you and your family did in a few days. (To list a few I have never: been up the Washington Monument, toured the White House, been inside Ford's Theater, walked Arlington cemetery, visited the Korean War memorial. Maybe I should. And I am not alone here.)