Saturday, July 23, 2011

Outlaws versus Washington All Stars Scrimmage

The Outlaws had a scrimmage against the Washington Little League All Stars. While the Outlaws are 12Us with one 10u filling in (Carlito), the Washington team had two 14 year olds, seven 13 year olds and one 12 year old.

At the plate, I am scoring Jack as 3 for 7. He also reached base on an error by the second baseman and a fielder's choice by the shortstop. Jack is making good contact. The only two outs were a blooper which the shortstop caught deep in the hole and a shot to left center that the center fielder handled nicely.

In the field, Jack pitched the two innings. He gave up two unearned runs in the first inning. Jack is getting bigger and stronger and it seems like his pitching has been more effective recently. He played the next two innings in center field and had one nice put-out on a long run on a high fly ball to left center. Jack played four innings at third base. He had two assists on grounders to the left side and throws to first and an error. With Josh pitching and the bases loaded and no outs, Jack took his eyes off a slower roller watching the runner go home and never got a handle on the ball. He also played one uneventful inning at shortstop.

In a sloppily played game on both sides, the nine inning, 3 hour and 45 minute scrimmage ended in 17 to 17 tie. The Washington catcher (a big 14 year old) hit three home runs.

The Outlaws are going to finish the 12U season with a tournament in San Diego next week. It is going to be interesting to see how they do against a mix of teams from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona and Texas. There is also one team from Canada. Given the format of the tournament, I think that there is a good chance that they will still be playing next Sunday.

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