Sunday, November 18, 2012

Italy Trip Observations

I had five general observations from our Italy trip this summer.
  1. Once you got outside of the tourist areas, there was an enormous amount of graffiti. I was shocked.
  2. Getting connected to wireless was a struggle at almost every hotel. They just don't have a good system for providing wireless for guests. At most places, we got an access code that provided a set amount of connect time. These would burn up fairly quickly and you would have to get another code. The wireless struggles were making Morgan more than a little crazy. It appears that the wireless systems were installed by a third party and billed to the hotel. As a result, the hotel was stingy with the codes.
  3. There were iPhones everywhere. iPhones were being carried by the Italians and tourists of all nationalities. In two plus weeks, I never saw an Android phone.
  4. Jack is getting bigger and stronger. I work pretty hard to keep myself in shape. On the hike up to Pontone, I noticed that Jack was cruising along. I had a momentary shock realizing how strong he has gotten.
  5. Over the last few years, I have pushed pretty hard on the idea that i wanted to go new places, this trip helped me see that reexploring places is not a bad thing...

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