Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 Jesuit Frosh Football Team

One of the things that struck me when I first looked at the freshman football team in early August was how small the boys seemed. I kept thinking that there would be a number of huge boys. This extends to the varsity team. While you do see a few big boys, there were lots of kids, including varsity offensive and defensive linemen, who are not any bigger than me.

The average height for the 2012 Jesuit Marauders Frosh football team was 5' 7.8". The average weight was 148 pounds. The median weight was 140 pounds.

Jack is listed at 5' 10'' and 140 pounds on the roster. Last time I measured him a couple of weeks ago, he was just a touch under 5' 10". We have not weighed him lately so I am not sure how much he weighs at this point.

Twelve of the 65 boys on the roster are taller than Jack. Six of the 65 are taller than 6 feet at 6' 1" or 6' 2".

Twenty-nine of 65 are heavier than Jack. Thirteen of the 65 are heavier than 165 pounds. I use 165 pounds as a reference point because I wrestled 165 as a freshman in high school. Three are heavier than 200 pounds. One of the three players over 200 pounds was lost early in the season with a knee injury.

Speaking of injuries... At the last game against Oak Ridge, I counted 45 helmets on the sidelines for the Marauders. While a few of the missing players were dropped due to academic issues, the majority were lost to injuries. There were a variety of injuries, including a large number of concussions (10?). As I told people in the last couple of weeks of the season, I just want Jack to finish the season in one piece!

Before the season started, I was debating whether or not to score the games on the iPad. I decided not to and regret it. I think that it would have been very interesting to look at the offensive statistics for the season.

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