Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Future Stars Parent Admission Forum

Sharon and I went to a two and a half hour Parent Admissions Forum at Future Stars titled "Navigating the College Selection and Admissions Process." The next six months are going to be wild!
Navigating the College Selection and Admissions Process

The key to getting a handle on the college admission process is knowledge on how to identify the best college match, the different steps in the application process, and how students respond emotionally to the pressures of applying to college and leaving home. That is why in this forum you will learn:
  • How students can stand out in the admissions process.
  • Information about all the steps of the application process from early applications to interviewing to submitting test scores.
  • How to research college options.
  • The different ways students respond to the pressure of college admissions and preparing to leave home.
  • The timeline for applying to college.
  • How financial aid and scholarship decisions are made and the process for applying.

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