Friday, December 02, 2016

2016 Neighborhood Progressive Christmas Party

Cake for the Neighbor Progressive Christmas PartySharon and I went to the second annual [2015] progressive Christmas Party in the Deterring Ranch neighborhood. The party started the evening at Jim and Debbie's home for hors d'oeuvre and then moved to Mike and Jill's for a sit-down lasagna dinner. We finished the evening at our house for dessert. Sharon got a cake at the same place that she got one for the fall dinner. Sharon also insisted that we show Dinner for One.

Two observations... First, As I said last year, in almost five years in this neighborhood, we have gotten to know people and built stronger connections than we ever did in twelve years in Marina Point. There was a very nice group of 20 plus people at the party.

Second, Although I lamented the mad dash last weekend to get the Christmas decorations up, it is going to be very nice to enjoy the decorations for the next five weeks...

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