Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Sharon, Jack and I met Tom and Eric at St. Ignatius at about 3:35 pm for the 4:00 pm mass at St. Ignatius. It didn't seem to fill up quite as fast as last year. It was probably the most unique homily that I have ever heard... The priest gathered all of the kids at the front to serve as his counselors to help him tell the story of the birth of Christ.

After Mass, we headed to Tom's house. The Christmas Eve group this year was 16, including, Sharon's brother Tom, Eric, Kevin, Leah, Lydia, Sharon's brother Tim, Kathy, Erin, Eileen, Eileen's boyfriend Will, Leah's parents Steve and Terri, Jack, Sharon and I. Tom served a nice dinner of rigatoni from one of his mom's recipes. Sharon contributed the blood and cara cara orange salad.

We exchanged presents after dinner. I gave Tom and Eric books I had made of Tom's pictures and stories from their pilgrimage on the Camino. It was fun to have an eighteen month as part of the group; it gives a different slant to the festivities. With all of the families, the gift exchange took a while.

We ended up getting home about 9:30 pm. It was a very nice evening!

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