Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sharon and Janie's Caribbean Cruise - Day 3

Sharon and Janie's Caribbean Cruise - Day 3

Martini Tasting

In our Martini Tasting, you’ll sample a variety of gin- or vodka-based cocktails, each one with a unique taste and method of creation. In addition to the Classic Martini, we’ll introduce you to specialty cocktails with a modern twist, like the Cosmopolitan or Apple Martini, and dessert drinks, like the Toblerone Martini or Chocolate Martini.

After an introduction to the history of the Martini, the bartender will explain the secrets and curiosities that evolve around the world of Martinis. How did the martini become so famous? Gin or Vodka? Shaken or Stirred? Olive or Lemon?
Sharon and Janie spent the day at sea heading to Cozumel.

Sharon said that there was too much to do! She worked out and used the sauna and steam room. Afterwards, they went shopping before they heading to the Martini tasting.

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