Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sharon and Janie's Caribbean Cruise - Day 7

Our mixology class is like going through a mini bartender course – but way more fun! You’ll learn to create popular cocktails, making them first hand and then, of course, tasting them. During this seminar, the bartender will discuss ingredients and details of preparing cocktails, tell you about the proper glasses, teach you how to use the equipment, and much more. Some of the drinks you’ll learn to create could include a muddled drink like a mojito, a build drink like a margarita, a martini, a layered shot and a frozen cocktail.

Sharon and Janie spent the day at sea sailing from Jamaica to the Bahamas.

After sleeping late and losing an hour to a time change, their day included working out, going to the rainforest spa, a late lunch, the water slide [so fun], a mixology class and a semi formal dinner.

Sharon noted the Thursday night they experienced the "roughest seas so far."

Sharon and Janie's Caribbean Cruise - Day 7
This is a picture of a anteater towel in their room. Apparently, the porter makes them towel animals every night...

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