Thursday, August 02, 2018

2018 Vancouver Island - Day 2

We wandered down to the harbor and got a light breakfast at Starbucks. The plan for the morning was visiting Butchart Gardens.

We got there about 8:40 am. The place was empty! I think that we were literally the third car in the parking lot.

2018 Vancouver - Day 32018 Vancouver - Day 3
2018 Vancouver - Day 32018 Vancouver - Day 3

I enjoyed the morning. About 10 am, I ran our jackets back to the car. I was amazed how many people were starting to pour into the park.

We had lunch at 11:30 am at The Dining Room. We both had a nice Albacore tuna salad [Fingerling potatoes, sprouted grains, bush beans, watermelon radishes, soft-boiled free-range egg, preserved lemon, crème fraîche].

2018 Vancouver Island - Day 3Heading back to Victoria, our plan for the afternoon was to rent bikes. We rented two bikes at Cycle BC around the corner from the hotel.

This turned into a little bit of a struggle. When we got out to the coast, Sharon was expecting a bike trail off the street. It turned out that we had to ride on the road with the traffic. Sharon was not happy.

Although Sharon was nervous about riding in traffic, I enjoyed the ride along the coast. We turned back towards the downtown at Oak Bay and made a stop for a beer at The Penny Farthing Public House. About half back to the hotel, there was a separate lane for bikes. Sharon relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

After getting cleaned up, we had a drink in the bar. We finished the day with a very late dinner in the Q at the Empress. After a half dozen oysters, Sharon and I split an heirloom tomato appetizer. For entrees, Sharon had halibut, while I had salmon. Dinner was excellent!

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