Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Raising Junior [Jack back to school]

Finishing two plus weeks at home, Jack headed back to Georgetown to start his junior year. I got up about 4:10 am. Sharon and Jack were moving just after 4:30 am. The three of us left the house just after 5:10 am.

Jack caught a 6:55 am Southwest flight from Sacramento to Baltimore. He was on the ground about 10 minutes early at 2:45 pm. Catching an Uber, he was back on the Georgetown University campus a little after 4:20 pm eastern time. It took an hour and twelve minutes from BWI to the Georgetown campus. Jack starts classes tomorrow!

This is the first time we have sent Jack off to start the year at Georgetown by himself. We helped him move in at the beginning of his freshman year and his sophomore year. It is difficult for me to believe that Jack is already half way through college.

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