Monday, August 06, 2018

A few notes from the Vancouver Island trip

Some random notes from our trip to Vancouver Island include:
  • The island is much more rugged than I remember. Sharon, Jack, Wallen, Jill and I visited Victoria in October of 1999. We had dinner with Geselbracht on that trip. [Note to self], I need to look for the pictures from that trip.
  • As we traveled up the west coast and back across to the east coast, we saw lots of areas of clearcut logging. Some of these were very large areas. I don't think that you can do that anywhere in the United States today...
  • Once we left Sooke on Friday morning, we were without cell phone coverage for more than five hours. We didn't get cell phone coverage again until we got to Cowichan Lake. Even around Port Renfrew, there was no coverage. Sharon and I were musing what it would be like to live in Port Renfrew without cell phone coverage.
  • While I knew that Geselbracht was involved in the Nanaimo Rugby Club, I didn't realize how much a role it played in his social life. The rugby club and clubhouse are a key part of his life.
  • I am still puzzling over the spot where Geselbracht is planning on building a house. It seems like it is essentially on top of a big rock.

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