Thursday, May 16, 2019

From Kansas City to the Open House

Every once in a while, we will schedule a travel day out of necessity that I dread and then regret once I get into the middle of trip. Wanting to make sure that I got back to Roseville for the new building open house, this was one of those days.

After going to the Royals game on Wednesday night, I got up at 3 am. I caught an Uber to the airport about 3:40 am. Unfortunately, I had brought a big suitcase with me on the trip that I had to check. I was shocked at the baggage check line for Southwest at 4:10 am in the morning. Luckily, it moved very fast. I checked my bag and was through Pre-TSA security by 4:30 am.

I caught a 5:30 am Southwest flight from Kansas City to Denver. Boarding with A41, I was able to get the aisle exit row behind the two seats. Landing just after 6 am local time, I had a two hour plus layover in Denver and got a leisurely breakfast.

With an A36 boarding pass, I caught a 8:30 am flight from Denver to Sacramento. I ended up with a very nice exit row seat in a Boeing 737-800. We were on the ground in Sacramento before 10 am. Somehow, I missed my bag when it first came up. I didn't see it until almost everyone was gone!?! I was home about 11:10 am.

After getting cleaned up and having some lunch I headed into work. Adventist Health had scheduled an open house for friends and family from 4 pm to 7 pm. Sharon really wanted to get a chance to tour the new building plus I had a sense of responsibility to be there for the open house.

Sharon and I ended up walking a big part of the building, including the C-Suite. Overall, she was very impressed with the building.

We finished the night with dinner at Paul Martins [fish tacos]. On my feet and moving for almost 21 hours straight, I crashed hard at the end of the day...

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