Sunday, August 18, 2019

2019 Disneyland - Day 3

Up before 7 am, we packed up the room. We caught an Uber to Orange County Airport and had breakfast at Ducks Breakaway [breakfast burritos].

We caught a 10:40 am Southwest flight from Orange County to Sacramento. I ended up upgrading Sharon's ticket to A4. As a result, we were able to get the nice exit row on the right side of the plane.

We were back in Sacramento just after noon. The luggage came fairly quickly and we were home before 1:15 pm.

My original plan was to head to Marysville for a go-live event at one of our hospitals. After talking to my boss and the teams, they felt that things were quiet enough that it didn't make sense for me to drive there. I attended the 3 pm and 4:30 pm conference calls instead.

Four observations about Disneyland. First, Jack was somewhat unenthusiastic about the new Smugglers Run ride. His point is that his generation is used to a much more interactive experience. If you are a gunner or engineer on the ride, your role is reduced to just pushing buttons. As a gunner, you don't aim; you just push a button. Sharon and I ended up as the pilots both times we rode the ride (a 11% probability...). I found riding in the front as a pilot fairly immersive.

Second, our consensus best ride was Cars. Disney has done a very nice job with this ride. Although there is only one ride and we didn't get into the cantina, I was very impressed with the new Star Wars Galaxy End section of the park. They have done an amazing job creating an overall experience.

Third, I probably pushed us too hard to ride as many rides as possible. We did a great job using the Disney app and the Max Pass to get Fast Passes. We could have wandered the corners of the parks and downtown Disney more. Sharon and I need to go back for two days and take it at a slower pace.

Fourth, I am still very confused about the Magic Morning opportunity. As a hotel guest, you are able to get into the park an hour early. When we went to Disneyland on Saturday morning early, we found a huge group massed at the end of Main Street waiting for majority of the park to open. When the park finally officially opened, there was a stampede for the new Star Wars ride.

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