Monday, November 30, 2020

The Queen's Gambit

Saturday night, Sharon and I finished watching The Queen's Gambit miniseries on Netflix. I first heard about the series on one of Bill Simmons' podcast. Shortly afterwards, Morgan recommended it.

The Queen's Gambit is an American coming-of-age period drama miniseries based on Walter Tevis's 1983 novel of the same name. It was released on Netflix on October 23, 2020. In just over a month, it has become Netflix's most-watched scripted miniseries.

Beginning mid-1950s and proceeding into the 1960s, the story is about an orphaned chess prodigy. It follows her rise to becoming the world's greatest chess player while struggling with emotional problems and drug and alcohol dependency. It covers themes of adoption, feminism, chess, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Beth Harmon.

The Queen's Gambit is very, very good. Both Sharon and I enjoyed it. I recommend it. Three notes about the miniseries. First, the cars, clothes and sets do a fantastic job of creating the 1950s and 1960s. Second, the chess game sequences are amazing; who thought that you could capture chess as a sport. Third, Taylor-Joy's performance is remarkable.

I got a thrill out of the scenes of Moscow in the last episode. I had a chance to spend two weeks in Moscow with the Nooters in 1995.

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