Wednesday, November 04, 2020

A Memory Called Empire

My book for October was A Memory called Empire by Arkady Martine. After reading a seventy year old science fiction book in September, I starting casting around for something more current.

The book caught my attention because it won a number of awards. It won the 2020 Hugo Award for Best Novel. The book was also a Locus and Nebula Award nominee for 2019.

It follows Mahit Dzmare, the ambassador from Lsel Station to the Teixcalaanli Empire, as she investigates the death of her predecessor and the instabilities that underpin the Teixcalaanli society. The story looks at language, grammar, and custom and how they are intertwined with the politics of conquest and the broader culture.

I enjoyed the book and recoommend it. The book is a nice balance of cyberpunk, space opera, and political thriller. I enjoy books that play with ideas about the future of technology.

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