Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Lovers by Philip José Farmer

My book for September was The Lovers by Philip José Farmer. Googling for something shorter and lighter to read after slogging through The Room Where It Happened, I stumbled across this book.

Published in 1953, The story won Philip José Farmer his first Hugo Award for the Most Promising New Talent. He went on to win two more Hugo Awards: the 1968 Hugo Award for Best Novella for Riders of the Purple Wage and the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Novel for To Your Scattered Bodies Go.

Set in the 31st Century, the plot includes a society based on religious tyranny, an expedition from Earth to a distant plant and a relationship between the main character and an alien. The alien race on the distant plant evolved from insects rather than mammals.

Written almost seventy years ago, the story is more of a historical curiosity. I read science fiction for forward looking technology ideas; this is not the strength of this book...

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