Friday, September 04, 2020

Ancil Hoffman with Holly and Van

At Ancil Hoffman
We had a very nice day playing golf with Holly and Van. I really appreciate the fact that Sharon is playing so much golf. It gives us a nice social activity that we can do with other couples.

I had a liberally scored 108. Despite the fact that I struggled on all four of the Par Fives, I was very happy with my game. I was striking the ball very well. My left elbow which has been brothering me again recently was never really an issue once we got going. I played the whole round with one golf ball that I picked up while walking Tiber on Thursday.

The four of us had a late lunch on the patio at Matteos. I had Penne Bolognese [Spicy Pork, Beef Ragu, Mushrooms, Asiago Cheese], while Sharon had a burger.

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