Sunday, September 05, 2021

Ancil Hoffman Neighborhood Golf Tournament

Sharon and I played in a neighborhood golf tournament on Sunday afternoon. This the third time in the last two years that we have played with this group [July 2020, April 2021].

Teeing off with Mike and Jill about 2:30 pm, we played the first sixth holes with them. At the seventh tee, we switched to John and Jan. Finally at the thirteenth tee, we switched to playing with Jim and Debbie. We have played with Jim and Debbie a couple of times.

The format was a couple scramble. With Sharon driving the ball very well, I thought that we had a chance for a fairly low score. We started strong; we parred the first hole. Unfortunately, we could never really get going. Our medium irons and chipping were horrible. Although I carried us to a par on the fourteenth, I felt like I could never get any momentum.

We ended up with a 92. We parred four holes and Sharon had a birdie on seventeen. She also won the closet to the pin for women on that hole. We used six of my drives and twelve of Sharon's drives!

We finished night with appetizers and dinner in John and Jan's backyard. Jan made pork chili for dinner. Sharon made cornbread muffins.

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