Friday, September 08, 2023

Jimmy Buffet Concerts

With Jimmy Buffet's passing, I am trying to sort out when I saw him live. I can remember seeing Jimmy Buffet live in concert twice. In late July of 1979, Wallen, Jill, Melissa and I drove to the Berkeley Greek theater to meet a large group. He performed there on July 29, 1979 as part of his Volcano Tour. I can remember Hunter dancing in front of me…

In May of 1981, a group of us saw Jimmy Buffet at Caesars Tahoe. He performed there on May 3 as part of his Party Time '81/Coconut Telegraph Tour. I was dating Nancy at the time.

I have a memory of Wallen, Jill, Alison and I staying together in the same room in Tahoe. We ended up in cab with Mike Wilson and his first wife (Pat?) driving through the snow to the casino. I thought we were seeing Buffet, but it doesn’t line up with any of his tour dates…

I also am not sure what concert we were seeing in Tahoe when Nooter’s date said “we are staying the night?”

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