Wednesday, September 27, 2023

2023 Israel/Egypt/Jordan - Day #1 - San Francisco

Sharon and I are off again exploring the world. We will be spending the next three weeks wandering Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

We had a shuttle pick us up just before 1 pm. The shuttle stopped and picked up Tom, Mary and Jean. In an interesting coincidence, they are flying to Istanbul Thursday afternoon. They wanted to come over this afternoon and spend the night. Even more interestingly, they are on the same flight back from Istanbul with us in three weeks when we come home. As a result, it made sense to split a shuttle both ways.

After dropping Tom, Mary and Jean at their hotel, the shuttle dropped us at the International Terminal about 3:30 pm. We breezed through checking the baggage and clearing security. I was shocked at how few people were there.

We used a couple of Sharon's free passes to camp in the United Lounge and have a couple of glasses of wine. When we flew to London in 2019, we had dinner in a restaurant in the concourse before settling in the United Lounge. This time we just grabbed a bite to eat in the lounge.

We had an 8:05 pm United flight nonstop from San Francisco to Tel-Aviv. The flight boarded on time. We have seats 31c and 31b in econony plus. Unfortunately, there are a large number of families with little kids around us; it could be a long flight.

The timing of the this flight feels odd. Usually, it seems like we leave on these international trips early in morning and get to the destination early in the morning. This time, we are leaving pretty late and arriving late. It will be interesting to see if this effects our internal clocks differently. Better?

I am writing this using the Wifi on the plane. I continue to be amazed at how effective the wifi on these long international flights.

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