Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Wildwood Kitchen & Bar

Sharon and I met the Gainsleys at Wildwood Kitchen & Bar for drinks and dinner. The four of us are headed to Israel next Wednesday for a Viking trip to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. The Larkins and Leclaires will catch up with us in Egypt. We discussed tipping, clothes and dinners on the pre and post-excursions.

For appetizers, the four of us split Mushroom Bruschetta [locally grown assorted mushrooms, shalllots, herbs, goat cheese, permesan crostinis] and grillel artichoke [lemon, harissa aioli]. For entrees, Sharon and I shared lobster ravioli with seared prawns [caramelised onion, scampi cream, parmesan cheese] and seared shrimp risotto [tender arborio rice, pistou, smoked apple bacon, parmesan cheese].

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