Sunday, September 10, 2023

Hiking Bidwell Park

After breakfast at the Residence Inn, Sharon and I headed to Bidwell Park. Parking at Hooker Oak Park, we did a short hike in Lower Bidwell Park. We covered 2.25 miles in just over fifty minutes.

Back at the hotel, Sharon got ready to go to Carmen's bridal shower, while I watched the first half of the 49er game. I dropped Sharon off at the bridal shower at 11:30 am and headed back to Hooker Oak Park.

I hiked into Upper Bidwell Park. I covered 7.2 miles in about two hours and fifteen miles. I made a tactical error. I probably should have parked further up near Horseshoe Lake and hiked from there. I ended up hiking only a mile and a half on the Yahi Trail; I would like to come back and hike just that trail with Sharon.

I picked up Sharon at the bridal shower at 2:45 pm and started for home. We were back in Carmicheal about 4:40 pm.

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