Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Parks and Recreation - Season Three

Sharon and I finished watching season three of Parks and Recreation. We finished watching season one in August of 2023 and season two in September of 2023.

Season three has sixteen episodes. It aired from January 20, 2011 to May 19, 2011.

The season adds Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger, a positive and optimistic city manager, and Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt. The season sees the development of the relationships between the main characters. We see Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben's relationship grow and April (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Chris Pratt) start to date. The season explores the themes of friendship, loyalty, and community

Season 3 of Parks and Recreation is widely considered to be one of the best seasons of the show. I enjoyed season three; it was definitely worth working our way through season one and two to get to season three. I recommend it...

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