Friday, October 20, 2023

Ancil Hoffman with Sharon, Jack & Jason

While we were on the trip to Israel, Egypt and Jordan, Sharon and Jack decided that we should play golf on Friday morning before Drew and Carmen's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I made the tee time while we were traveling, but regretted it on Friday morning. I still hadn't gotten my clock fully reset to Pacific time; I had a couple of restless nights of sleep.

Even with a month off without swinging a club and still working with Golftec to rebuild my swing, I was striking the ball pretty well at the beginning of the round. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time in the trees. Additionally, I sailed my chips over the green on the 2nd and 8th holes. While I had been doing better with my chipping, both of these mis-hits really hurt me.

I ended up with a liberally scored 59 on the front nine. Sharon and I bailed after nine holes to go to the wedding rehearsal at Heringer Estates. Jack and Jason played eightteen holes.

I am looking forward to getting a chance to get back on the driving range. I have two more lessons scheduled in the two weeks.

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