Saturday, October 21, 2023

Drew and Carmen's Wedding

A fantastic day with a beautiful wedding.

I took Sharon to Heringer Estates in the morning. She spent the day getting her hair and make-up done.

Jack, Jason and I got picked up by a car service at 2 pm. We rolled up to the venue just before 3 pm.

The ceremony started a little after 4:30 pm. Sharon and I walked in at the front of the procession. Morgan played piano and sang. I participated in the Celtic Handfasting Ritual. Although a little windy, it was a beautiful ceremony. The program is here.

With the vineyards in the background and Elk Slough running along side, it is gorgeous spot. I had been there for a family wedding before. Sometime in the early 80s (1982 or 1983?), Alison and I attended a wedding for one of my first cousins (one of Steve's sisters) there.

After a few family pictures, we joined the cocktail hour. I talked a little with my sisters. Admittedly, I haven't seen them in more than four years.

A couple of additional pictures are here.

I enjoyed the rest of evening immensely. I got a chance to sit next to Wallen at dinner. It was good to catch up with him; I have been missing him and Jill. Our table included David and Lo, Snipes and Joy, Wallen and Jill, Holly and Van, Gail, my sister Lee Ann, my sister Sharon, Jason, Jack, Emily, Sharon and I.

Kyle made a very interesting best man speech. He traced their initial courtship by reading a series of text messages that he had gotten from each of them. Although we didn't met her then, Carmen came to Sea Ranch during the 2021 Father's Day Weekend trip.

After dinner, everyone sang happy birthday to Lee. He got a birthday cake and blew out the candles.

Madi and Nick played the first dance. Afterwards, a DJ took over. Sharon and I danced more than a few songs. She admonished me that I am going to have to take some dance lessons before Jack gets married...

There was a photo booth. After Sharon and I jumped in, I crashed Drew and Carmen. A nice of pictures of Jack, Jason and Emily is here. I will post the photo strips in the coming weeks.

Sharon and I got picked up by a car service at 10 pm and headed home. Jack, Jason and Emily joined Gail in a Lyft to the Hyatt Regency. They caught up with wedding party.

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