Friday, October 13, 2023

Israel/Egypt/Jordan 2023 - Day #17 - Dead Sea

Dead Sea Museum

Fascinating Exhibits. Spectacular Views

Learn about the natural and cultural history of the legendary Dead Sea while taking in stunning vistas.

The lowest point on Earth, this saltwater lake has long been sought out for the curative properties of its waters and the pivotal moments in history that have unfolded along its shores. You will drive with your guide to the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, perched at the edge of the Zara mountain range between Ma’in Hot Springs and the Dead Sea basin. During your visit, you can browse exhibits that shed light on the waters’ rich past and the prospects for its future. You can also view and touch geologic specimens of rock from the region. As you explore this fascinating museum, step out onto the observation deck to marvel at some of the most magnificent views of the Jordan Rift Valley, from gentle desert sands to the soaring Judaean Mountains.

Our 27th Wedding Anniversary!

A second travel day in a row. As part of my post-trip musings, I need to talk about the schedule for the three weeks.

Up at 315, we had to have the luggage out in the hall by 4 am. We were on the bus to the airport at 430 am.

We caught a 730 am Royal Jordanian flight from Cairo to Amman. We were on the ground on schedule just before 9 am. Viking did a great job of getting us through passport control, but it took forever to get all of the luggage. Several people, including the Gainsleys, had binoculars in their luggage. These bags were pulled aside and taken apart.

Although on the schedule for tomorrow, our first stop was Mt. Nebo and the Memorial Church of Moses. This church was built in the 4th century AD to commemorate the death of Moses. It is now a ruin, but it is still an impressive sight. The church is mentioned in the Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land before his death.

Rather than stopping for lunch, the guide passed out a falafel on the bus. The second stop was the Dead Sea Museum. It is a history and natural history museum dedicated to showing the history of the Dead Sea and how civilizations developed around it. There was an interesting graphic on the floor showing how the Dead Sea is shrinking. I was surprised that the area is continuing to sink four cenimeters a year. The museum is housed in a modern building with stunning views of the Dead Sea.

We rolled up to the Movenpick Dead Sea about 2:30 pm. We are spending one night at this hotel. It is a very large resort.

There was more than a little chaos checking into the hotel. We settled in the bar waiting for things to get sorted out.

Eventually, we got settled in the room. Getting changed, everyone wandered down to the Dead Sea. We floated in the Dead Sea. It was a very wild experience. I didn't anticipate how buoyant you would be... The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world.

Sharon and I considered having dinner by ourselves to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to keep the reservation that we have for tomorrow. We ended up joining the group for a buffet dinner in the hotel.

Wiped out from the early start, Sharon and I crashed about 830 pm.

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