Monday, December 11, 2023

1958 Oscar Nominations

Best Picture
    ✔ The Bridge on the River Kwai – Sam Spiegel, producer - winner
    12 Angry Men – Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose, producers
    Peyton Place – Jerry Wald, producer
    Sayonara – William Goetz, producer
    Witness for the Prosecution – Arthur Hornblow Jr., producer

Best Actor
    ✔ Alec Guinness – The Bridge on the River Kwai as Colonel Nicholson - winner
    Marlon Brando – Sayonara as Major Lloyd "Ace" Gruver
    Anthony Franciosa – A Hatful of Rain as Polo Pope
    Charles Laughton – Witness for the Prosecution as Sir Wilfrid Robarts Q.C.
    Anthony Quinn – Wild Is the Wind as Gino

Best Actress
    Joanne Woodward – The Three Faces of Eve as Eve White/Eve Black/Jane - winner
    Deborah Kerr – Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison as Sister Angela
    Anna Magnani – Wild Is the Wind as Gioia
    Elizabeth Taylor – Raintree County as Susanna Drake
    Lana Turner – Peyton Place as Constance MacKenzie

Best Supporting Actor
    Red Buttons – Sayonara as Airman Joe Kelly - winner
    Vittorio De Sica – A Farewell to Arms as Major Alessandro Rinaldi
    ✔ Sessue Hayakawa – The Bridge on the River Kwai as Colonel Saito
    Arthur Kennedy – Peyton Place as Lucas Cross
    Russ Tamblyn – Peyton Place as Norman Page

Best Supporting Actress
    Miyoshi Umeki – Sayonara as Katsumi Kelly - winner
    Carolyn Jones – The Bachelor Party as The Girl
    Elsa Lanchester – Witness for the Prosecution as Miss Plimsoll
    Hope Lange – Peyton Place as Selena Cross
    Diane Varsi – Peyton Place as Allison MacKenzie

Best Story and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
    Designing Woman – George Wells - winner
    Funny Face – Leonard Gershe
    I Vitelloni – Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano
    Man of a Thousand Faces – Ralph Wheelwright, R. Wright Campbell, Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts
    The Tin Star – Barney Slater, Joel Kane and Dudley Nichols

Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
    ✔ The Bridge on the River Kwai – based on the novel by Pierre Boulle - winner
    12 Angry Men – Reginald Rose based on his teleplay
    Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison – John Lee Mahin and John Huston from the novel by Charles Shaw
    Peyton Place – John Michael Hayes based on the novel by Grace Metalious
    Sayonara – Paul Osborn based on the novel by James Michener

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