Thursday, December 21, 2023

2023 San Francisco - Day #7

Several weeks ago, Sharon pitched the idea of spending the night in San Francisco to pick Jack up for Christmas on Friday morning. We rolled from Carmichael just before 10 am.

We stopped for a wine tasting at Caymus-Suisun. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very nice tasting room. We enjoyed the wine.

From there, we headed into the city. We got to the Omni Hotel about 2:30 pm. The room was ready.

Using the Waymarky app, I took a short walkabout to California Historical Landmark #650. This was the site of the What Cheer House.

We took an Uber to an early dinner at The Progress. It has earned a Michelin star and is known for its innovative and seasonal dishes. After a drink at the bar, we split radicchio & persimmons [melon, toasted black rice & green peppercorn], caviar potato cloud, tierra vegetables masa dumplings [toma cheese & huitlacoche crema] and blue corn fried ‘whole’ mcfarland springs trout [beech mushrooms, pink apples & aleppo pepper].

Grabbing an Uber back to hotel, we crashed hard. I am still not 100%.

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