Saturday, December 09, 2023

2023 Army/Navy Game - Day #3

This was not my favorite venue for a football game; I hope that they don't bring the Army/Navy game back to Gillette Staduim in the future.

After a long day and a late night, we were not moving early. We had a late breakfast at the hotel (more berry pancakes).

I had raised the question for some time asking the group how we were going to get to the game. The stadium is more than 30 miles from downtown Boston.

We ended up getting two UberXLs to take us to the game. I ended up in the second Uber that Nooter ordered with Gribi, Nooter, Larkin, Zach and Max.

Even though it was still almost four hours until the game started, the traffic was horrible. It took us an hour and a half to get close to the stadium. Over the last few miles, everything was at a virtual standstill. Eventually, we got out of the car and walked the last half mile or so to the stadium.

I was surprised how much there is around the stadium. I was under the impression that there wasn't anything nearby. In fact, The stadium is surrounded by Patriot Place, a large entertainment complex with shops, restaurants, a movie theater and other attractions. We caught up the first group at the Wormtown Brewery.

We headed to our seats about an hour before the game. We had pretty good seats this year.

Adding to my dislike of the venue, Tomasin, Larkin and I went down in the middle of the second quarter to get some food. We stood in a line for probably twenty minutes. When we got to the front, they announced that they were out of hot dogs and sausages. Larkin and I ended up at another concession getting a expensive, cold cheeseburger.

Army ended up winning the game by the score of 17 to 11. Navy was driving at the end of the game with a chance to tie the score.

With several people worried about getting out of the stadium and catching an Uber back to the hotel. We ended up leaving during the fourth quarter. We hiked to the ride share lot. We were able to catch an expensive UberXL back to Boston fairly quickly. It was over an hour ride back.

With a fairly dramatic ending to the game, I was disappointed that we left early. We listened to the end of the game in the Uber.

Jim organized a late dinner at Filippo Ristorante. I had Lasagna Lucia [Pasta layered with fresh egg, cheeses and ground veal].

After dinner, everyone wandered back to the hotel bar. With about half the group having early morning flights, a number of people crashed. Even though I headed to bed early, it was almost 11:30 pm.

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